Wordy Wednesday: Pass the pandowdy, please!


Many interesting and fun words come from the names of food.

For example, could you describe a pandowdy? And did you know that the words “grunt, slump, and buckle” also are  associated with foods?

With apple season upon us, you should add this fact to your trivia bank: Each of these words is associated with a recipe that includes apples. “Hungry History” at History.com tells us that pandowdy, grunt, slump and buckle were among our nation’s most popular desserts at one time.

“Hungry History” tells us that pioneer mothers made fruit buckles as they traveled along the Oregon Trail. And we thought that traveling without benefit of air conditioning and good road maps would make cooking totally out of the question! Who knew!

Pandowdies, known as Brown Bettys in the South, had their creation as a way to use old bread. By layering sweetened apples with stale bread or bread crumbs  — and adding butter to the mixture — American cooks could make a simple dessert resembling an apple bread pudding for their families. Pandowdy was the word used above the Mason-Dixie Line, just sayin’.

To read up on your apple dessert history, visit at http://goo.gl/lpq7Kf.

And please send an “apple snackee” our way when you’re cooking! Cousin Dixie and I are suffering! The Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, has lost her recipe box — if she ever had one!

(Photo by Apolonia, freedigitalphotos.net)



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