Wordy Wednesday: Letters count!


It’s Wordy Wednesday, and time to pay home to SCRABBLE, the great American board game which was the brainchild of architect Alfred Mosher Butts.

The Great Depression had left Mr. Butts unemployed in 1931. We suppose that he wanted to build something useful, even if structures for business or homes weren’t an option. His decision was to develop a board game. He chose a game that would combine the vocabulary skills of crossword puzzles and word games, such as anagrams. Initially the game was called Lexico and then “Criss-Cross Words.”

Although very popular today, the game was not an immediate hit. Butts and his entrepreneur partner James Brunot changed the design and rules of the game and renamed it SCRABBLE. The game, which received its trademark in 1948, chugged along without real success.

In the early 1950s, however, the word “luck” came their way when the president of Macy’s discovered the game and ordered it for his store. SCRABBLE’s popularity soared. In 1954 alone, some four million games were sold.

Today, SCRABBLE has been translated into 22 languages, and international tournaments are held. It remains popular with new generations, perhaps because of its ability to be played online and on the go!

Check out : http://goo.gl/oTvVj5 at Merriam-Webster for a list of 10 secrets of successful SCRABBLE players.

(Illustration by Keerati, freedigitalphotos.net)

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