Words on Writing


 Your dog sitting on your computer is not a valid excuse for not writing!

The Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, often is asked about how to go about writing. The question usually comes from people who want to write a book but don’t know how. She says that the answer is simple: You put fingers to keyboard or take a pen or pencil to paper and just write. It is the only way to achieve your goal, whether it’s writing a book, a short story, a poem or an essay — or whatever your written goal is.

Being prepared is important, of course. Maybe you’ll want to take a class or classes in creative writing or conduct research on your subject or brush up on your grammar.

However, the Editorial Assistant believes that too many people get caught up in “a process” of writing and ignore the obvious — taking action and writing. Even if it’s awful writing at first, writing only gets better by doing more. The “process” won’t do it for you. But a delete button to remove unwanted words or sentences will. That’s the “just get writing” advice we’re giving you.

Some of the best-known writers agree. At www.dictionary.com, you’ll find an interesting slideshow featuring quotes from well-known writers on how to write. Take their advice to heart and go!

Here’s the link — https://goo.gl/TH8Mxo — for words of inspiration.


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