Thoughtful Thursday: “Of Love and Adventure”

Stella Salzillo, a Standard Poodle from Staten Island, N.Y., epitomizes the poem "Of Love and Adventure" by Bobby Clark.

Stella Salzillo, a Standard Poodle from Staten Island, N.Y., epitomizes the poem “Of Love and Adventure” by Bobby Clark.

In my desire to share interesting and little-known information on all things related to reading or writing, I have challenged the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, to also seek words of wisdom and inspiration. She usually does this by finding quotes from people who are famous or who write about specific topics, such as love, freedom, the importance of reading or any other delightful topic that I choose.

Then, it happened! We saw a remarkable poem posted on a social media site and written by someone we know — a cherished friend whose love of dogs and their people knows no bounds, a person so special you can’t help but love him and his wife immediately, a person so generous in talent and spirit that you wish the world were filled with people just like him! I jumped from the family fainting couch where I was contemplating how to fulfill my desire to find a morning snackee, and I summoned the Editorial Assistant to contact our friend, the poet, immediately!

We are proud to share this poem by Bobby Clark on the “Lady Louise Speaks” blog. The Editorial Assistant and I are certain that it will touch your heart as it has ours!

Of Love and Adventure

As the sun slowly sinks

Marking the end of another journey,

 I marvel at how fulfilling my life has been.

 Each day a blessing

Filled with love and adventure

Among my humans and those whose words are a precious “woof”.

I look out on the far horizon

 And all I see is the sun of our God

 Shining an embracing love upon the sparkling waters.

 One day, I will leave this world to join

 My loved ones who have gone on before me,

Those with four paws, those with two feet.

 I tremble inside at the thought of the unknown.

 However, the sun calms my fears,

 Reassuring me of a continuing life

 Of love and adventure.

— Bobby Clark, August 2014

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