Thoughtful Thursday: Words + Humor = Smiles


Oh, how I feel for Vivien! Have you ever believed that you should be living somewhere else? Like Paris, New York, the Bahamas or Rome? I have. There are days when I, Lady Louise, yearn to be in the South of France for a dip in ocean or on a yacht with sumptuous buffet or the Champs-Élysées where I could stop for a chocolate eclair or other delicious sweet treat at a patisserie. Can’t you hear the song now, “I Love Paris in the Spring Time …”

We hope that this brings a smile to your day. With the cold temperatures and threats of more winter, a bit of humor is just what we need.

Cartoons and their brief words are an important part of language. Smiles and laughter chase the gloom and give us something to boost our spirits.

Please check out Off the Leash cartoons by Rupert Fawcett at These are just the best at conveying the special bond between poodles like moi (and other canines, too) and their people.

For all who love dogs, as Mom Karen and I do, the words and drawings add a bright spot to our lives!

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