Terrific Tuesday: Words of Summer!

What do the words “barbecue, dandelion and solstice” have in common?

They join seven other words as the “Top 10 Words of Summer” by Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Our favorite  on the list is “Dog Days,” which has nothing to do with a special holiday for the canines in your life. Merriam-Webster tells us that “Sirius (known as the Dog Star) seems to reappear in the skies in early July. Its rising coincides with the warmest time of the year in the  northern hemisphere – thus, the dog days.”

Of course, we dogs don’t mind if you choose to honor us throughout summer.  A treat a day sounds like a delicious way to celebrate this great time!

Check out all of the “Words at Summer” at http://www.merriam-webster.com/top-ten-lists/top-10-words-of-summer/dog-days.html#vTtFq9Akyv6r1Drj.99dog.

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