Terrific Tuesday: The Seuss Art Sweepstakes!

The Dr. Seuss Sweepstakes continues. Register now!

The Art of Dr. Seuss Sweepstakes continues. Register now!

We know that you know how much we love the famous author and illustrator Dr. Seuss.

Therefore, it’s almost embarrassing to admit that we nearly missed this Dr. Seuss Sweepstakes. Oops! But take a deep breath because it’s not too late to enter. Simply go to this Facebook link,¬†https://www.facebook.com/artofdrseuss, to learn more.

You can register to win a limited edition print or a collector’s edition of “The Cat behind the Hat.” To enter, you must be at least 18 years old. However, those who are younger than 18 probably can find a parent to enter — or those who consider themselves younger than 18 probably can find a friend to enter for them. Either way, time is of the essence. You must register before March 31.

And did you know that Dr. Seuss created drawings and paintings never intended for his books? In fact, he didn’t want these works of art¬†shown until after his death. In 1997, the Art of Dr. Seuss project was launched, and Dr. Seuss fans — young and old alike — have had the chance to see Dr. Seuss as an artist beyond his beloved books that truly are for readers of all ages. To learn more about his complete works of art, visit http://www.drseussart.com/.

It will be truly terrific if you win. We’ll be ever so happy for you — and somewhat green with envy. But not envious enough that we’d be likely to order “green eggs and ham.”

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