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Football star Malcolm Mitchell of the University of Georgia joined a women's book club -- but that's only a small part of his success story.

Football star Malcolm Mitchell of the University of Georgia joined a women’s book club — but that’s only a small part of his success story.

Every now and then, we see something on television that we must share.

Although our readers know that the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, works at the University of South Carolina and cheers for the Gamecocks, we are nevertheless giving a “shout-out” today to Malcolm Mitchell, a wide receiver for the University of Georgia football team, known as the Bulldogs.

CBS News featured Malcolm on its newscast Friday night and again on its Sunday Morning program. The TV story was done not because of his starring role on the football field. It is because Malcolm joined a women’s book club in Athens, Ga., which is a funny story in itself. The group of women in their 40s to 60s welcomed Malcolm of Valdosta, Ga., as a member, and he participates in their discussion of books that he probably wouldn’t have read otherwise.

The important part of the story here, however, is that Malcolm realized that he was not reading at a college level when he arrived at UGA. So, he began putting as much attention into reading as he does playing football. His efforts earned him the name “nerd” among his friends. It’s a title, he says, that he’s proud of because he had to work so hard to earn it. Football, he explained to the interviewer, was a gift, and it came easy to him. Reading was a challenge, but Malcolm tackled it and has excelled.

You don’t have to be a UGA fan to be proud of Malcolm’s many achievements on and off the field. And we applaud his making a difference in literacy through sharing his personal story.

As a famous blogger, I, Lady Louise, do wonder if Malcolm knows that the word “nerd” found it’s way into our language because of Dr. Seuss. I wrote about it once in this very blog. The first time that the word “nerd” appeared in the English language was in 1950 in the Dr. Seuss book “If I Ran the Zoo.” A character in the book, Gerald McGrew, tells about the fabulous creatures that he would have in a zoo “… a Nerckle, a Nerd, and a Seersucker, too.”

You must see this important story on Malcolm Mitchell. He is an inspiration to many!


And, of course, “Go ‘Dogs!”

 (Photo from tv.yahoo.com)



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