Terrific Tuesday: Love A Librarian!


It’s back to school for students across the country, and college and university students, too. And that can mean only one thing — libraries will have more business!

Although technology has changed libraries, the women and men who work in these special buildings or in our schools are the unsung heroes of learning. They find what we can’t, see each book as a treasure and deal with the frustrations of students who have waited until the last minute to complete a paper or project. Today’s librarians are the whiz kids of media and technology,  while still loving “real books.”

You have to love these wonderful people! In another life, I, Lady Louise, could  have been a librarian. I do love books, and I think the title “Lady Louise, Librarian” has a special ring to it!

Here are some delightful vintage photos of librarians: http://goo.gl/LRahg6.

I’m seeing the world in sepia tones today in their honor!

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