Terrific Tuesday: Kids’ Best Halloween Books


After contemplating a post on the scariest fairy tales — some of which are more frightening than anything we’ve read from Grimms — we decided to let you know about some very  charming children’s Halloween books.

That’s because we’re not crazy about being scared ourselves. Therefore, gruesome fairy tales are better left to another person’s blog.

From a baby vampire to stomping monsters to a witch who wants to be a champion speller, here are some great books for children to read and for adults to enjoy reading to children: http://goo.gl/EvNJHE.

And when you’re reading, don’t forget to brew a cup of hot chocolate and stir up a batch of your favorite homemade cookies. Give my Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, a call. We’ll be right over with our trick-or-treat bag to sample the “snackees.”


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