Sweet Saturday: So much love …


(Editor’s Note>: Celia Snavely Bivens Johnson contributed this story and photos. She tells about her amazing love for pets and her life with them.)

When I was a kid, I always wanted a pet and even tried to keep a red ant in a large matchbox with grass when I was young. But no pets were allowed at my house. I made up for this in my adulthood by having some of the best pets ever!

INKY: (I always wanted to name him Stinky Inky Dinky Poodle Doodle if I had had him registered.). In 1990 we bought a house in Coulwood Area of Charlotte. I had wanted a dog FOREVER. So I started looking. That is when after reading ads in the newspaper we went to visit a 5-month-old poodle that the owner was calling Inky. She wanted to move and couldn’t take him. His parents are: Precious Baby Valentine and Anne’s Henri Phillipe. He was so roly-poly and adorable. For $200 he came home with us and became my first furbaby. Boy, did we have some fun (?) experiences with him while he was a pup, especially when he disappeared, and I was frantically looking for him.

The kids down the street thought he was so cute they had nabbed him to join their “club.” Or there was the Christmas that he got into a present that had coffee beans in it. What a night! This is what Inky looked like when he came to me and when he left me on May 5, 2009.

I have a doggie cemetery in my yard and his stone has “Mommy’s Bestest Buddy”…. That is what he was and what I always told him. I love all my dogs but this was my special boy. He was my heart.


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