Surcee or Surcie — we love it!

My beautiful collar from Juliette’s Couture was a “surcee” from our friend Edwina.

We’re sharing a previous blog post because we were reminded of a special word just the other day and thought that some of our readers may want to add this to their vocabulary.

This is a word that many people associate with the South. It is one that the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, uses from time to time. She says that it’s a word that she learned from her Mother.

The word is surcee, but also is spelled surcie. It’s pronounced “Sir-See.

Regardless of the spelling, a surcee (or surcie) is an unexpected gift or treat given just for the fun of it or because someone wants to give you something to cheer you up or to recognize you for something special that you have done or accomplished.

The etymology of the word seems to be unknown, although a likely source could be the Scots verb “sussie,” meaning “to take trouble, to care, to bother oneself.” And the Scots verb may even have had its origins from the French “souci,” meaning “care, trouble.”

So, from “souci” to “sussie” to “surcee or surcie” and into our language, take time to give someone an unexpected treat. They will love you for it!


  1. I love the word surcee and need to use it more!! 🙂 <3

  2. THIS IS AWESOME – Maureen

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