Ready for Paris!


I’m going to Paris. Get your TKT and come with me!

“Lady Louise, Adventures in Paris” is nearing its official launch, and we are making the book available for pre-order online at

Our Paris adventure features delightful color illustrations by Maureen Broussalian, America’s Favorite Poodle Artist.

And thanks to Mary Plumstead of Creative Sidekicks in Atlanta, the book is being formatted and will be printed at the end of the month.

However, we have an important announcement to make. Along with your pre-order, you will receive a special addition to the series — a passport-type book known as “The Ticket.” It is abbreviated as TKT and stands for “The Kindness Tour.” It is free with the pre-order through March 31. After that, it will have a nominal fee.

The TKT’s inside pages will feature a signature sticker for each book, along with space for readers to write about their experiences on their travels with Lady Louise.

Doesn’t this sound like so much fun!

On the Lady Louise adventures, readers will have the opportunity to learn about the manners and the history of other countries and famous cities. You will become an ambassador for kindness with me. And if there’s one thing that the world needs more of, it’s kindness!

We invite you to get The TKT and travel the world with me, Lady Louise.  It’s as easy as a quick click away.

Visit my Web page at to know how you can order Book 2 and begin the adventure of a lifetime! Or, if you are already a Lady Louise fan and want to pre-order your book now, just click the link below. The price of $25.99 includes shipping and handling!

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