Mixed-Up Monday: Is It Daylight Saving or Savings?

Some say Daylight Saving Time. Other say Daylight Savings Time. Which is correct?

Some say Daylight Saving Time. Others say Daylight Savings Time. What is it?

Mom Karen said that we moved our clocks ahead by one hour on Sunday morning. It’s that darn time change. We “spring forward,” and then we “fall back.” It’s such an inconvenience for many people.

And we do this because …? Well, as all poodles know, people can do the most confusing things!

Some people call this “Daylight Saving Time.” Others say “Daylight Savings Time.” Which is correct?

If you opted for “Saving” and not “Savings,” you would be correct. Lose the “s” from your use of the word.

But most of all, I prefer the words “nap time.” And did you know? Today is National Nap Day, an unofficial observance begun in 1999 to help people recover from that precious loss of one hour of sleep when we are forced to “spring forward. It may be “unofficial,” but I’m embracing it as a holiday on my calendar.

Naps are good. They boost our creativity, help us de-stress and improve our moods.

What a relief! We’ve solved the “Saving” issue, and we’ve been given a day to nap.

Oh, happy day!

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