Memorable Monday: For the love of dogs!


The Westminster Dog Show is under way. The competition is a celebration of the centuries of bonds between man and dog!

As the countdown to Valentine’s Day begins, we’re celebrating love this week on my blog!

And on this Memorable Monday when the Westminster Dog Show begins in New York, we’re honoring the love of dogs.

More than 2,270 dogs are scheduled to compete in this great show, which has entries from every state and Washington, D.C. The show also has entries from 117 countries, including Brazil, Germany, Croatia, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Mexico. That’s so many dogs, owners, trainers, groomers, handlers, friends of dogs and their families!

This is most exciting for those of you who love the members of the canine kingdom. Just think how much we love you!

Is there a special dog in your life? Think about what you love about your dog! I’ll bet you have a really long list! No doubt, Mom Karen has a huge list because of the tremendous number of my admirable qualities.

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