Memorable Monday: A Bride’s Trousseau


We have a wedding in our family this week! It’s a most exciting time, I think, although we seem to have much chaos swirling around in our house.

So Mom Karen and I thought that it would be fun to share some of the interesting words associated with weddings. We’ll do this through Thursday, and then we have an anouncement for Friday.

We’re starting with the word “trousseau.” Customs and traditions have changed. Today’s brides have  bridal registries at fine department stores and also at places like Target and Walmart, though whoever could have imagined such a thing!Brides simply have so many choices and decisions to make.

But years ago — well, maybe not that many years — young women and their mothers worked on preparing her “trousseau” for marriage. The trousseau might include the clothes for her honeymoon,  accessories and jewelry, as well as belongings for her life as a married woman. These items typically were linens and china. The trousseau varied according to a young woman’s station in life and often were collected in a special trunk, sometimes called a hope chest.

The word comes from the French “troussel,” meaning a bundle or parcel, and dates back to the early 1800s.

What might a bride today include in her trousseau? And what could be the most important belongings she would need for her new life as wife and career woman?

And, of course, a bride today would surely want her pampered pooch to have a special collar or accessories!

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