Learn the ‘new words’


All of the words that we will use in our lives haven’t been created. Just because you learned to spell a zillion words in school doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for the rest of your life.

A blog from Cambridge Dictionaries Online, called About Words, gives us new words that are being spoken or have been found in print in American or British English. Some of these words will make their way into the dictionary because of their popularity. Others will be used and die quickly.

An example of a recent “new word” is “instafamous.” This word is an adjective and means achieving some degree of fame by posting selfies to Instagram. ¬†Another new word from this week is “dude-fussing.” This is not a word meaning a guy who is upset over something. “Dude-fussing” is an adjective to describe “inefficient, unfocused action designed to give the illusion of useful activity.” An example would be a person constantly trying to straighten a tablecloth when the cloth had no wrinkles.

If you check out the About Words blog, you will know interesting words that you can add to your conversation and sound so smart!







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