Lady Louise Is Speaking!


 You still have time to write your own Valentine’s Day card!

 I know that many of you think that I have fallen off a cliff. I have not spoken in too long of a time.

But I had a very serious discussion with the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, this past weekend and told her a thing or two — kindly, of course, since I am the Queen of Kindness in my books. I mean, barking will not always accomplish what you want to change.

And with Book 2, “Lady Louise, Adventures in Paris,” getting ready to make its debut, I will have much to say and do. Did you hear that, Editorial Assistant?

Many of you will be shopping today and tomorrow for Valentine’s Day cards. By doing so, you will be participating in a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Taking pen to paper to express one’s thoughts of love and romance may have started when Saint Valentine — sentenced to die — sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter. No doubt that was a short-term romance.

In 1415, Charles Duke of Orleans wrote a poem to his wife when he was whiling away the hours in the prison of the Tower of London. The poem is the oldest surviving Valentine and is housed at the British Library in London.

Valentine’s Day cards have evolved from the handmade cards of the Victorian era to mass-produced greeting cards. Of course, technology has made it even easier by offering online cards. Have we completely lost the art of writing a personal Valentine’s Day card?

This year, try taking a pen to paper and creating your own card. We bet the result will be lovely and greatly appreciated!

Check in tomorrow: I will be speaking again. I hope that the Editorial Assistant has received the memo on this!


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