It’s the “in” thing!

The Read-In at the S.C. Statehouse was so fun that I needed a "nap in" when I got home.

The Read-In at the S.C. Statehouse was so fun that I needed a “nap in” when I got home.

Today we participated in the Read-In at the S.C. Statehouse in Columbia. Who could dispute the absolute brilliance of giving students a day of gathering to celebrate reading, libraries and our favorite books and characters! It’s such a good idea that we wish we could do this every week!

The word Read-In reminds us of “sit-in,” which most of us associate with organized protests in which people occupy a place and refuse to leave. A sit-in often is usually peaceful and a recognized form of civil disobedience. The civil rights movement in the United States was characterized by sit-ins as a means to protest segregation.
Adding the word “in” to a verb has given us show words as “drive in” in reference to a restaurant or a movie theater or the wish to “sleep in” on  a weekend morning. When people want to have parties, they sometimes call it a “drop in.” Years ago, many people loved a very funny television show called “Laugh In.”
Y0u get the idea.
And because we don’t wish to go and on and bore you, I have instructed the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, to end this so that I can begin my own ‘nap in.” Being a star is such fun, but exhausting, too!

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