Fantabulous Friday: For the Love of “Fur-Ever”


Valentine’s Day has ended.

Some of you may be thrilled with your day; others may be disappointed.

But one thing is for certain. Those who have “fur-ever love” know that Valentine’s Day is every day, 24 hours day, 365 days a year.

We may eat your food when you’re not looking. We may make messes that leave you seeing red. We may have stubborn streaks that drive you to distraction or bark when you wish we’d be silent or wake you up from a deep sleep when we want your company or a trip outdoors.

However, our love for you is forever as long as we are together.

Adopt a four-legged friend or friends and find the “fur-ever love” that only we can give!

You’ll be so happy. Just ask Mom Karen for the endorsement of a lifetime.


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