Fantabulous Friday: Football Is Here!


You would have to be living on another planet not to realize the significance of this weekend!

It’s time for college football — well, and other football, too, we think!

My Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, and I have prepared our University of South Carolina Gamecock outfits, and I am fortunate to have a wonderful USC collar, leash and a party collar made of ribbons in the appropriate colors. I even have a “Carolina Girl” T-shirt.

We love this quote about football by comedienne Phyllis Diller and are sharing it with our friends:

“The reason women don’t play football is because 11 of them would never wear the same outfit in public.”

Of course, we are well aware that many girls and young women play soccer, which is considered football in some countries. And, yes, girls are cheerleaders, and they wear certain coordinating outfits.

But beyond a certain age, all of us know that given a choice 11 ladies would NOT wear the same outfit to an event! Go, football fashion!

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