Fantabulous Friday: A “Community” of Love

Keno, left, and Emmy Lou find that there's no place like home in Georgia!

Keno, left, and Emmy Lou find that there’s no place like home in Georgia!

When people adopt pets, they often get more than the animals they select.

This is especially true for those who find their pets at shelters established by rescue organizations, where adopters feel a sense of “community” because of their experiences in finding the pet that they love.

Mary Plumstead,  the mom of Standard Poodles Keno and Emmy Lou, discovered this when she sought to adopt a Standard Poodle as  her beloved Lily was in the last months of her life. “We adopted rather than buying from a breeder because, quite honestly, we did not feel prepared to go through the ‘puppy stage’ at our age,” Mary said. “We never realized in adopting that we would have two dogs who we love for exactly who they are and every bit as much as we loved (and still love) Glenda and Lily.”

Mary says that Glenda and Lily, her first dogs, were “our way-showers.  Glenda taught Lily, Lily passed the baton to Keno, and Keno has taught Emmy. And, all four of them have taught us much more than we will ever teach them.

“Glenda and Lily lived healthy, long and, as we have come to understand, very privileged lives. It was their right.  We aim to make up for the lost time Keno and Emmy had to this right – and then some.”

She says that she also found something that she really didn’t expect.

“In adopting dogs, we got something we never had with buying from a breeder. We got a community – an extended family really — of like-minded people from all walks of life who have in common the love of their dogs,” Mary says.

“Community” is a great word for animal rescue. And, in this case, it is truly a “community of love.”

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