Fantabulous Friday: 300 — and one more!


Today, the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, and I mark a milestone!

This is not simply another blog post. This is blog Number 300 + 1. For those of you who are challenged by math, that is 301 blog posts!

When we began this venture, we did not know where we could go or how it would go. We have encountered setbacks along the way, and I have had to push the Editorial Assistant to work at times. She also has directed me in wearing some ridiculous ensembles, but that’s how it goes. I push, and she pushes back.

Nevertheless, we have enjoyed our venture — most of the time — and we plan to continue it until we discover that no one is reading us or wants to read us. Then, we will hit the “off” button.

Until then, we are at 301 blogs and counting!

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