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 Your dog sitting on your computer is not a valid excuse for not writing!

The Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, often is asked about how to go about writing. The question usually comes from people who want to write a book but don’t know how. She says that the answer is simple: You put fingers to keyboard or take a pen or pencil to paper and just write. It is the only way to achieve your goal, whether it’s writing a book, a short story, a poem or an essay — or whatever your written goal is.

Being prepared is important, of course. Maybe you’ll want to take a class or classes in creative writing or conduct research on your subject or brush up on your grammar.

However, the Editorial Assistant believes that too many people get caught up in “a process” of writing and ignore the obvious — taking action and writing. Even if it’s awful writing at first, writing only gets better by doing more. The “process” won’t do it for you. But a delete button to remove unwanted words or sentences will. That’s the “just get writing” advice we’re giving you.

Some of the best-known writers agree. At www.dictionary.com, you’ll find an interesting slideshow featuring quotes from well-known writers on how to write. Take their advice to heart and go!

Here’s the link — https://goo.gl/TH8Mxo — for words of inspiration.


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A Pulitzer with No Controversy!



While everyone was bemoaning the fact that the Lilly Pulitzer line of clothing and accessories designed especially for Target stores sold out too quickly, you may not have noticed that the prestigious Pulitzer Prize awards for journalism, letters, drama and music.

And although many of us are quick to point out the flaws of our beloved South Carolina, we are sending a huge round of applause and “ap-paws” to The Post and Courier in Charleston for its series, “Till Death Do Us Part,” which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in public service.

The series examined the high number of deaths resulting from domestic abuse in South Carolina — a fact that is both tragic and maddening. It is also a subject that tears at the heart of the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, who wrote about domestic abuse in her book for adults, “A Paw on My Heart.”

In 2013, South Carolina was ranked No. 1 in the nation in the number of women killed by men. That startling statistic led to the Post and Courier reporters’ work on the problems of domestic abuse and death in a state too small and too beautiful to have such a horrific statistic.

The real prize, of course, will be when laws, policies and attitudes finally catch up to the reality of domestic abuse not only in South Carolina and the nation, but in all countries throughout the world where violence destroys the lives of too many women and children.

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Move-It Monday: Find your “pluck”!


The Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, and I offering a great word for your vocabulary. It comes from the Queenisms offered by the Web site, www.queenofyourownlife.com.

The word is pluck, and it does not mean the act of taking feathers from a bird or removing someone or something from a place that is hazardous or dangerous. That type of pluck is a verb.

The pluck to which we are referring means “a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult : courage and determination,” according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Having pluck is admirable because it shows that you have strength and will move forward against the odds.

And having pluck in your vocabulary will surely inspire you and others!

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Thoughtful Thursday: “Of Love and Adventure”

Stella Salzillo, a Standard Poodle from Staten Island, N.Y., epitomizes the poem "Of Love and Adventure" by Bobby Clark.

Stella Salzillo, a Standard Poodle from Staten Island, N.Y., epitomizes the poem “Of Love and Adventure” by Bobby Clark.

In my desire to share interesting and little-known information on all things related to reading or writing, I have challenged the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, to also seek words of wisdom and inspiration. She usually does this by finding quotes from people who are famous or who write about specific topics, such as love, freedom, the importance of reading or any other delightful topic that I choose.

Then, it happened! We saw a remarkable poem posted on a social media site and written by someone we know — a cherished friend whose love of dogs and their people knows no bounds, a person so special you can’t help but love him and his wife immediately, a person so generous in talent and spirit that you wish the world were filled with people just like him! I jumped from the family fainting couch where I was contemplating how to fulfill my desire to find a morning snackee, and I summoned the Editorial Assistant to contact our friend, the poet, immediately!

We are proud to share this poem by Bobby Clark on the “Lady Louise Speaks” blog. The Editorial Assistant and I are certain that it will touch your heart as it has ours!

Of Love and Adventure

As the sun slowly sinks

Marking the end of another journey,

 I marvel at how fulfilling my life has been.

 Each day a blessing

Filled with love and adventure

Among my humans and those whose words are a precious “woof”.

I look out on the far horizon

 And all I see is the sun of our God

 Shining an embracing love upon the sparkling waters.

 One day, I will leave this world to join

 My loved ones who have gone on before me,

Those with four paws, those with two feet.

 I tremble inside at the thought of the unknown.

 However, the sun calms my fears,

 Reassuring me of a continuing life

 Of love and adventure.

— Bobby Clark, August 2014

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Memorable Monday: Boston Strong!

Meb Keflezighi crossed the finish line of the Boston Martathon as the “The Star-Spangled Banner” played over Boylston Street, where thousands gathered to see the end of the race.

The Eritrean born Meb Keflezighi, who became an American citizen, was the first American man to win in Boston since 1983. A former New York City Marathon champion, Keflezighi was a silver medalist in the 2004 Olympics. He embraced his determination to win by wearing the names of the 2013 bombing victims on his racing bib.

As he got closer to the finish line, Meb said, “… I just kept thinking, ‘Boston Strong. Boston Strong.’ I was thinking give everything you have.”

Later, Keflezighi expressed words that many in our nation have thought during this year of recovery and resilience.

“I’m blessed to be an American and God bless America and God Bless Boston for this special day.”

Boston Strong. A blessing, indeed!


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Thoughtful Thursday: Begin new travels!


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