Move-It Monday: Get a Library Card!


One of the most important cards you’ll ever own is a library card — you can have one long before you have a driver’s license, a voter registration card, a passport, organization membership cards and so on.

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month, a time that the American Library Association is reminding parents and children that a library card is the most important school supply of all!

We agree!

If you don’t have a library card, then it’s time to get one. This is a card that will help you go on grand adventures, meet new people, travel in time and explore places you’ve never been before. And best of all, the library has so many books that you’ll always discover something different.

A library card is your passport to knowledge and learning and a lifetime of great memories.


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Terrific Tuesday: The Pulitzer Prize

PulitzerPrizeThe Pulitzer Prize.

For those in the worlds of journalism and arts and letters, the award is perhaps equivalent to an Oscar. The Pulitzer Prize is named for Joseph Pulitzer, the editor of the New York World and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Pulitzer, whose family lived in Hungary, came to the United States after the death of his father and the loss of the family fortune. His passage was paid by Massachusetts military recruiters, but he ended up joining the Lincoln Cavalry in New York. At age 17, Pulitzer became a soldier in the Civil War.

After the war, Pulitzer tried his hand at a variety of jobs and settled in St. Louis. He had a flair for writing and also studied law. His work in newspapers was a good fit for his talents, and he eventually purchased the St. Louis Post and the St. Louis Dispatch. Several years later, he purchased the New York World.

Pulitzer provided money in his will for Columbia University to establish a school of journalism and to fund awards that would recognize excellence in journalism. Columbia University named the awards for Joseph Pulitzer and expanded the awards to recognize achievements in literature, poetry, history, music, and drama.

The annual Pulitzer Prizes, awarded on Monday, create a great deal of interest among writers and readers. But there are five interesting myths about the awards.

Visit in The Washington Post to know more!

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Thoughtful Thursday: Thinking of Witches …

We only like good witches, but there have been some good and evil ones on television and in movies.

We only like good witches, but there have been some good and evil ones on television and in movies.

What is Halloween without a witch or two?

Even adults like witches. Some of us remember good and evil witches from our childhoods. Certainly, the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz comes to mind, and the charming witches of Bewitched.

In the spirit of the day, we encourage you to check out these witches from television and movies:

And don’t forget to have lots of treats on hand for the ghouls, ghosts, princesses, pirates and witches headed your way!

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Wordy Wednesday: What did you say?


English may be our first language, but we realize that not all American accents are the same.

For example, do you speak with a Midwestern twang?

Do you have what some people call a “General American” way of speaking?

Or do y’all talk with a Southern drawl?

Even if you know what your accent is, take this fun quiz to know for sure:

My Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, has that Southern drawl going on for sure!


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Fantabulous Friday: It’s a Doozy!


Extraordinary, one of a kind.

That’s what doozy means. And it has been a doozy of a week, don’t you think?

First, of course, it was my birthday. That always makes the week special for me.

But the politicans were arguing. The government was shut down, and people didn’t know about the nation’s future. Geez!

So the week is coming to a close. It’s time for us to move forward and make the most of each minute, each day, each week and each year.

And that’s a doozy of a thought, too!

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Thoughtful Thursday: Find the Next Chapter


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