So Sweet Saturday: Having “Standards”

With 5, you get love!

With 5, you get love!

It’s our 75th blog post, and we’re celebrating by adding Saturdays to our blog schedule.

And although we’re focused on vocabulary, grammar, reading and inspiring words Monday through Friday, Mom Karen and I put our heads together and decided that we wanted to celebrate our love of dogs.

On Saturdays, we will recognize the love of dogs and the people who love them. We want you to be as inspired as we are by the amazing stories that exist between people and their canines.

We’re starting our Saturday series with a special story of Mary Winburn, whose sweet story of dog rescue has many twists and turns. Mary has five Standard Poodles, but has loved many more over the years. Her heartwarming story is our inaugural feature, and the first of what we hope will be many more.

April is “Prevent Cruelty to Animals Month,” and Mom Karen and I are devoting our blog for Monday, April 15, through Saturday, April 20, to words and stories that illustrate the miraculous bond that exists between people and their animals.

And share your stories, too: Please send a photo and story, about 500 words, to

Let us know about you and your “so sweet love”!

Much Love to All, Lady Louise

Mary Winburn has “Standards” when it comes to dog rescue.

And she can count to five – and quite a few more — to prove it. Currently, Mary is the Poodle Mom to  Clancy Winburn, Murphy Winburn, Ricky Winburn, Molly Moofette Winburn and the delightful Rosie Winburn, who has a crush on a certain red Standard Poodle named Ricky Salzillo from Staten Island. But that’s another story.

The Daytona Beach Mom has been involved in dog rescue since the late 1980s, though she’ll be the first to admit that it was quite by accident. More than two decades ago, she entered rescue work by looking for a Standard Poodle to be a companion to the female “Spoo” that her husband had given her for Christmas three years earlier. She found a local breeder who was advertising Standard Poodle puppies and made arrangements to buy a darling black puppy.

But fate intervened, and she was greeted at the door by the breeder and a lovely, happy, bouncy Spoo named Fancy Pants. The breeder, amused by the poodle’s antics with Mary, asked if she would be interested in an older dog.

Mary didn’t dare ask if Fancy Pants was for sale. “How could she be? She was just so awesome!” Mary remembers thinking.

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