Thoughtful Thursday: Why You Must Read!


On the eve of the S.C. Book Festival where I will have an appearance, I have asked the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, to gather some facts about why you must read.

Each of these facts is very important, of course. But let me add one more — Reading is fun!

And, drum roll, please: I, Lady Louise, am a character in Book 4 of the “Shandon’s Ivy League” Mystery Series. Reading about me in “The Mystery of the Circus Curse” would be really fun for you!


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Terrific Tuesday: Spring Reading


It's spring -- time to use your imagination to brighten the world. With "Aviary Wonders Inc.," you can design your very own bird!

It’s spring — time to use your imagination to brighten the world. With “Aviary Wonders Inc.,” you can design your very own bird!

On a day just ahead when you’re loathe to continue on with spring cleaning, we’re  certain that you’d love to take a moment and read a book with a child — or simply steal away a read a great children’s book on your own. Reading is always more fun than lugging around those cleaners and scrubbing agents.

Here are 20 great books to read with children. The Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, is hoping to add her books to the list one day very soon.

In the meantime, visit to get started on your “spring reading.”


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Thoughtful Thursday: Someone Like You …

Seuss-CompassionWe honored Dr. Seuss’ imagination and creativity in our Wordy Wednesday blog post.

But this photograph and quote came to us via a Facebook friend last week, and, well, we simply had to share it because it underscores our love for dogs and great books written by authors whom we’ve grown to love. The National Mill Dog Rescue created this, no doubt to encourage people to care about dogs in need.

Dr. Seuss wove many inspirational words and phrases into his writings. In order to heed the call to action and make a difference, you may need to follow this quote as well  from Dr. Seuss: “You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”

Open your eyes. Make things better. Give life your best. Someone — somewhere — is counting on you!



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Terrific Tuesday: Lessons in Life

Children's literature teaches us many valuable lessons.

Children’s literature teaches us many valuable lessons.

If you love to read, that passion most likely began when you were a child. Although we probably didn’t realize it at the time, many of our discoveries about the world and life are rooted in the characters, places and events that we read in books.

Today, we have a compilation of nine life lessons found in some of our most beloved children’s books.

We happen to like “we give our lives meaning from helping others” from the treasured classic Charlotte’s Web.

Check out other valuable lessons and books at On a cold day, there’s nothing better than a great book and a cup of hot chocolate, especially if you have a few cookies as well!



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Memorable Monday: “Super” Reading

This popular Sherlock Holmes novel by Conan Doyle would be a great alternative to watching a football game, don't you think?

This popular Sherlock Holmes novel by Conan Doyle would be a great alternative to watching a football game, don’t you think?

On this post-Super Bowl Monday, some of you are happy, some of you are disappointed, and some of you wonder what the hoopla was all about because you didn’t watch the game at all.

If you watched the game from beginning to end, including all of the analysis, and you aren’t brain dead, then you might want to save today’s post for Super Bowl 2015. That’s right. We’re getting ahead of the pundits, the players and the fans, and we’re throwing out this great idea: Next year, skip the game and grab a book.

What, you say? Read during one of America’s greatest sporting events?

Yes! According to this interesting article, you could READ an entire book in the time that you might have spent glued to the television set.

Here are some ideas for “super” reading in lieu of the game: With our love for mysteries and suspense, who wouldn’t want to read The Hound of the Baskervilles featuring that famous detective Sherlock Holmes!

And, yes, you can put the book down and watch the commercials!

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Thoughtful Thursday: Reasons to Read


If you’re alarmed at the state of education in our nation today, then consider these statistics in the illustration.

For those of us who reading and learning, it is hard to imagine that 80 percent of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year!

This week on the Terrific Tuesday blog, we recognized Malala Yousafza, the Pakastani teenager who was shot by the Taliban for her stand on education for girls. She survived and has become an international advocate for reading and education.

Nearly killed for her desire to receive an education, she said, “I will empower myself with knowledge.”

Her message transcends all ethnic, socioeconomic, political and national groups.

Let us pray that Malala’s message is heard in our country as well.

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