Fantabulous Friday: A “Community” of Love

Keno, left, and Emmy Lou find that there's no place like home in Georgia!

Keno, left, and Emmy Lou find that there’s no place like home in Georgia!

When people adopt pets, they often get more than the animals they select.

This is especially true for those who find their pets at shelters established by rescue organizations, where adopters feel a sense of “community” because of their experiences in finding the pet that they love.

Mary Plumstead,  the mom of Standard Poodles Keno and Emmy Lou, discovered this when she sought to adopt a Standard Poodle as  her beloved Lily was in the last months of her life. “We adopted rather than buying from a breeder because, quite honestly, we did not feel prepared to go through the ‘puppy stage’ at our age,” Mary said. “We never realized in adopting that we would have two dogs who we love for exactly who they are and every bit as much as we loved (and still love) Glenda and Lily.”

Mary says that Glenda and Lily, her first dogs, were “our way-showers.  Glenda taught Lily, Lily passed the baton to Keno, and Keno has taught Emmy. And, all four of them have taught us much more than we will ever teach them.

“Glenda and Lily lived healthy, long and, as we have come to understand, very privileged lives. It was their right.  We aim to make up for the lost time Keno and Emmy had to this right – and then some.”

She says that she also found something that she really didn’t expect.

“In adopting dogs, we got something we never had with buying from a breeder. We got a community – an extended family really — of like-minded people from all walks of life who have in common the love of their dogs,” Mary says.

“Community” is a great word for animal rescue. And, in this case, it is truly a “community of love.”

Click on “Saturday & Other Stories” above to read more about Keno and Emmy Lou!

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Fantabulous Friday: In Love? Ask Dr. Seuss!

This beautiful quote from Dr. Seuss ends our wedding theme week and launches us toward our celebration of Dr. Seuss next week!

This beautiful quote from Dr. Seuss ends our wedding theme week and launches us toward our celebration of Dr. Seuss next week!

We love Dr. Seuss! But who doesn’t love the fun books, quirky words, memorable characters and delightful rhymes that thrilled our childhood imagination!

Mom Karen says that whenever people ask her to name her favorite author she always says, “Dr. Seuss, of course.”

That’s because the first book that she learned to read on her own was “The Cat in the Hat,” and she says that reading Dr. Seuss led her to love books and reading. Ultimately, her love for reading led her to love for writing.

The quote that we have chosen today seems to be from the more serious side of Dr. Seuss. And for everyone who has ever been in love or is in love knows that reality is better than one’s dreams!

Join us on Monday for more Dr. Seuss! We’ll return after Aunt Kathy’s wedding if Mom Karen survives the weekend with her sanity intact!

I’m just hoping for lots of wedding “snackees” and the “Patsy Cake” being made by our favorite cake goddess!

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Memorable Monday: A Bride’s Trousseau


We have a wedding in our family this week! It’s a most exciting time, I think, although we seem to have much chaos swirling around in our house.

So Mom Karen and I thought that it would be fun to share some of the interesting words associated with weddings. We’ll do this through Thursday, and then we have an anouncement for Friday.

We’re starting with the word “trousseau.” Customs and traditions have changed. Today’s brides have  bridal registries at fine department stores and also at places like Target and Walmart, though whoever could have imagined such a thing!Brides simply have so many choices and decisions to make.

But years ago — well, maybe not that many years — young women and their mothers worked on preparing her “trousseau” for marriage. The trousseau might include the clothes for her honeymoon,  accessories and jewelry, as well as belongings for her life as a married woman. These items typically were linens and china. The trousseau varied according to a young woman’s station in life and often were collected in a special trunk, sometimes called a hope chest.

The word comes from the French “troussel,” meaning a bundle or parcel, and dates back to the early 1800s.

What might a bride today include in her trousseau? And what could be the most important belongings she would need for her new life as wife and career woman?

And, of course, a bride today would surely want her pampered pooch to have a special collar or accessories!

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Fantabulous Friday: For the Love of “Fur-Ever”


Valentine’s Day has ended.

Some of you may be thrilled with your day; others may be disappointed.

But one thing is for certain. Those who have “fur-ever love” know that Valentine’s Day is every day, 24 hours day, 365 days a year.

We may eat your food when you’re not looking. We may make messes that leave you seeing red. We may have stubborn streaks that drive you to distraction or bark when you wish we’d be silent or wake you up from a deep sleep when we want your company or a trip outdoors.

However, our love for you is forever as long as we are together.

Adopt a four-legged friend or friends and find the “fur-ever love” that only we can give!

You’ll be so happy. Just ask Mom Karen for the endorsement of a lifetime.


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Thoughtful Thursday: For the Love of Family & Friends!


Valentine’s Day is most identified with the sharing of love between sweethearts.

But the love of friends and families is often what sustains us through the most difficult times, is the source of great laughs and joy and makes our lives complete.

And, of course, the love of friends and family doesn’t just mean the two-legged creatures in your world. The four-legged friends become members of our families and loved and valued for they make our lives complete.

Princess Diana once said, “Family is the most important thing in the world.”

Appreciate the love of friends for they are the family we choose!

Mom Karen and I are sending everyone happiness, love and kisses — and the appreciation that you, as our friends, have become part of our family!

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Wordy Wednesday: For the Love of Ladies!

A man who loves too many women is known as a "Casanova." Ricky, are you reading?

A man who loves too many women is known as a “Casanova.” Ricky, are you reading?

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, an Italian adventurer and author. His autobiography, Histoire de ma vie, is highly regarded as one of the best sources for the customs, culture and social life of Europe during the 18th century. Casanova, born in 1725, was known to love many ladies – so much so that his name became synonymous with the word “womanizer.” His quote, ““Be the flame, not the moth,” describes the passion with which he lived his life.

Those of us who are poodles have become friends with the charming Ricky Salzillo of Staten Island. Ricky is the “Canine Casanova” for us. In his postings on Facebook, we know that he loves the poodle ladies and always is checking in to see how we’re doing.

Unfortunately for me, Lady Louise, Mom Karen keeps me on a very short leash! And Ricky does live so very far away from me.

Nevertheless, Ricky, I am sending you poodle kisses across the miles for Valentine’s Day! Love your new red tie! You are sooooo handsome!

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