Are you sentimental?



Have you thought about the words that express our feelings?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary has compiled a list of “mushy words” that  are a perfect fit for this week of hearts and love.

Included in the list from Merriam-Webster is the word sentimental, which has its origin in the Latin word sentire, meaning “to feel.” If you are a sentimental person, then you may have strong feelings of love or sadness which may seem excessive or even foolish to some people.

Check out a few more of these words, including chocolate-box, cloying and crush, to know more about the meaning and origins of the words of love in our vocabulary. Visit to boost your “mushy” vocabulary.

(Illustration by hyena reality,







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Lady Louise Is Speaking!


 You still have time to write your own Valentine’s Day card!

 I know that many of you think that I have fallen off a cliff. I have not spoken in too long of a time.

But I had a very serious discussion with the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, this past weekend and told her a thing or two — kindly, of course, since I am the Queen of Kindness in my books. I mean, barking will not always accomplish what you want to change.

And with Book 2, “Lady Louise, Adventures in Paris,” getting ready to make its debut, I will have much to say and do. Did you hear that, Editorial Assistant?

Many of you will be shopping today and tomorrow for Valentine’s Day cards. By doing so, you will be participating in a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Taking pen to paper to express one’s thoughts of love and romance may have started when Saint Valentine — sentenced to die — sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter. No doubt that was a short-term romance.

In 1415, Charles Duke of Orleans wrote a poem to his wife when he was whiling away the hours in the prison of the Tower of London. The poem is the oldest surviving Valentine and is housed at the British Library in London.

Valentine’s Day cards have evolved from the handmade cards of the Victorian era to mass-produced greeting cards. Of course, technology has made it even easier by offering online cards. Have we completely lost the art of writing a personal Valentine’s Day card?

This year, try taking a pen to paper and creating your own card. We bet the result will be lovely and greatly appreciated!

Check in tomorrow: I will be speaking again. I hope that the Editorial Assistant has received the memo on this!


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Thoughtful Thursday: Too huge a sorrow


First, there were five.

Then there were none.

We have no words

For a tragedy so enormous,

That it has wrought too huge a sorrow for this Earth.

Within the thousands of unanswered questions,

There is one truth: They are together in Heaven.





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Thoughtful Thursday: In the End …


My Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, said this is a message that she must take to heart. I know that she loves much, but she should work on gentle living and gracefully letting go.

Fortunately, she has me, Lady Louise, and my Cousin Dixie to inspire her. When she’s failing to live up to this, we’ll just put our paws down and push her in a better direction. Two human feet in high heels are no match for eight paws firmly planted on the ground.

In the meantime, we take our naps to ensure that we can keep her focused on that “gentle” and “graceful” path at all times! And, if any of you catch her behaving badly, remind her that we’re watching!

We already feel the love!

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Wordy Wednesday: Are You My Sweetheart?


We all know that February 14 is only one day for which we celebrate love. In truth, every day should be Valentine’s Day, but that might get a bit boring and terribly expensive.

Our friends at Merriam-Webster have compiled a list of the Top 10 words associated with Valentine’s Day, many of which are likely to be used throughout the year.

One of these is the word sweetheart, which has been around since the Middle Ages. Long ago, the Greeks and Egyptians believed that a person’s heart was the center of emotions. The idea found its way to the English language, which combined the words sweet and heart for a term of endearment that has been used for hundreds of years.

Visit for other words in our “language of love.”

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Timely Tuesday: Words of Love

"Words are special and powerful. Let your special Valentine know how much you care by sending a card that you wrote yourself!"

“Words are special and powerful. Let your special Valentine know how much you care by sending a card that you wrote yourself!”

Sweet words of love probably have been uttered since the beginning of man — and woman — in some fashion. However, the Valentine’s Day card expressing sentimental, sweet and steamy messages have a long, two-centuries-old tradition.

The first mailed Valentine was in 1806. Collector Nancy Rosin has more than 10,000 Valentine cards in her collection, which she shares in this charming video clip:

And although there are so many beautiful Valentine’s Day cards for sale, the sweet thoughts penned by your one true love are the best!


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