Lady Louise Is Speaking!


 You still have time to write your own Valentine’s Day card!

 I know that many of you think that I have fallen off a cliff. I have not spoken in too long of a time.

But I had a very serious discussion with the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, this past weekend and told her a thing or two — kindly, of course, since I am the Queen of Kindness in my books. I mean, barking will not always accomplish what you want to change.

And with Book 2, “Lady Louise, Adventures in Paris,” getting ready to make its debut, I will have much to say and do. Did you hear that, Editorial Assistant?

Many of you will be shopping today and tomorrow for Valentine’s Day cards. By doing so, you will be participating in a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Taking pen to paper to express one’s thoughts of love and romance may have started when Saint Valentine — sentenced to die — sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter. No doubt that was a short-term romance.

In 1415, Charles Duke of Orleans wrote a poem to his wife when he was whiling away the hours in the prison of the Tower of London. The poem is the oldest surviving Valentine and is housed at the British Library in London.

Valentine’s Day cards have evolved from the handmade cards of the Victorian era to mass-produced greeting cards. Of course, technology has made it even easier by offering online cards. Have we completely lost the art of writing a personal Valentine’s Day card?

This year, try taking a pen to paper and creating your own card. We bet the result will be lovely and greatly appreciated!

Check in tomorrow: I will be speaking again. I hope that the Editorial Assistant has received the memo on this!


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Fantabulous Friday: 300 — and one more!


Today, the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, and I mark a milestone!

This is not simply another blog post. This is blog Number 300 + 1. For those of you who are challenged by math, that is 301 blog posts!

When we began this venture, we did not know where we could go or how it would go. We have encountered setbacks along the way, and I have had to push the Editorial Assistant to work at times. She also has directed me in wearing some ridiculous ensembles, but that’s how it goes. I push, and she pushes back.

Nevertheless, we have enjoyed our venture — most of the time — and we plan to continue it until we discover that no one is reading us or wants to read us. Then, we will hit the “off” button.

Until then, we are at 301 blogs and counting!

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Wordy Wednesday: Said at Commencement!

Graduates applaud the contributions of their family and friends to their education during a recent ceremony at the University of South Carolina.

Graduates applaud the contributions of their family and friends to their education during a recent ceremony at the University of South Carolina.

It’s that exciting time of year when students are graduating from high schools and colleges throughout the United States.

For the zillions of people who will be attending the ceremonies, there is usually some curiosity about the commencement speaker and the uttered prayer that what they have to say will be interesting and brief.

In her job at the University of South Carolina, the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, has sat through dozens of commencements — and that is not an exaggeration — and she has heard excellent, mediocre and absolutely dreadful speeches. She’s mum on the subject of who gave the worst speeches!

Although we are deeply mired in commencement season now, we are offering this article on Wordy Wednesday from some of this year’s women commencement speakers. They are giving us their words of wisdom, and some of these we believe you will want to have for your own life.

Check out to know more!


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Terrific Tuesday: It’s Mardi Gras!

Lady Louise and her cousin Dixie are always ready to celebrate special occasions!

Lady Louise and her cousin Dixie are always ready to celebrate special occasions!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

We’re paying tribute to all of our friends who are participating in Mardi Gras celebrations throughout the United States. The words Mardi Gras mean Fat Tuesday in French. This is the day of celebration before Ash Wednesday, which ushers in the Lenten season leading up to Easter. Fat Tuesday historically has been a time to indulge in rich foods and parties before the period of fasting and religious observances. In New Orleans and in cities throughout that area, Mardi Gras is celebrated with parades and parties.

Of course, you don’t have to be French or living in areas with Mardi Gras celebrations to be a fan of the phrase “Laissez les bons temps rouler.” Yes, we say, “let the good times roll!”

Even if Dixie and I are not as enthusiastic about our Mardi Gras accessories as the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, wants us to be, we can appreciate “good times” and the delicious treats that are being served at parties under way in homes and cities today.

I think someone may have said something about a King Cake being popular during this time of celebration. The Editorial Assistant, aka caterer, is being dispatched to find something appropriate for us!


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Fantabulous Friday: The Olympic Spirit


“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.”Olympic Charter

As the world watches the Olympic Games, let us never forget the importance of friendship, solidarity and fair play. There is far too little of this in our lives.

And, of course, my Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, and I hope that the Olympic athletes will have time for some snackees!

Hmmmm … Are there good snackees in Sochi?

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Terrific Tuesday: Today, It’s All About Me!

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We are pausing today from our ordinary blog posts because it’s a special day for me!

It’s my birthday, and I am 7. I hope that you’ll enjoy my Smilebox creation, because my life with my Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, is so special because of all of you!

Find some cake and ice cream, savor the sweetness and know how much we love you!

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