A Pulitzer with No Controversy!



While everyone was bemoaning the fact that the Lilly Pulitzer line of clothing and accessories designed especially for Target stores sold out too quickly, you may not have noticed that the prestigious Pulitzer Prize awards for journalism, letters, drama and music.

And although many of us are quick to point out the flaws of our beloved South Carolina, we are sending a huge round of applause and “ap-paws” to The Post and Courier in Charleston for its series, “Till Death Do Us Part,” which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in public service.

The series examined the high number of deaths resulting from domestic abuse in South Carolina — a fact that is both tragic and maddening. It is also a subject that tears at the heart of the Editorial Assistant, Mom Karen, who wrote about domestic abuse in her book for adults, “A Paw on My Heart.”

In 2013, South Carolina was ranked No. 1 in the nation in the number of women killed by men. That startling statistic led to the Post and Courier reporters’ work on the problems of domestic abuse and death in a state too small and too beautiful to have such a horrific statistic.

The real prize, of course, will be when laws, policies and attitudes finally catch up to the reality of domestic abuse not only in South Carolina and the nation, but in all countries throughout the world where violence destroys the lives of too many women and children.

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